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Selling your house?

When selling your house........

Never judge a book by it's cover - but many buyers will not stop at your front door if there is no curb appeal.
First impressions do count!

Show how much you love your home by manicuring the entry way.
Lure potential buyers to your front door.

remove all clutter from your front porch
check your front door - new paint? new kick plate? new hardware?
polish door handle
clean up your mailbox
replace outdoor light bulbs in light fixtures
clear away all cob webs
clear gutters
place a few potted flowers or prepare a spring display in your footed urn
consider a new door mat
rake your lawn
sweep sidewalk & driveway
wash windows
replace torn screens
simple landscaping

These tips & more will certainly pay off!


Curb Appeal – Drive By Success!

First impressions can be everything. Many people simply drive by a listing and make a decision based on your home’s curb appeal. So, don’t forget the importance of creating a well-manicured entryway – to entice potential buyers. Maintaining a neat and attractive exterior to your home will show buyers that you take pride on your property.