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Inventory Levels still tight in Oakville Milton and W13- Luxury homes are plentiful and "offered".

The summer brings slower or more "normal" real estate markets to the one that was overheated earlier this spring in the GTA.  Finally buyers have the ability to negotiate.  Nevertheless markets continue to show tightness especially at homes listed below 750k. Above that level we are moving towards a so called "buyers' market territory. Luxury homes have an oversupply and consequently we see lots of "negotiating room" when the odd one does sell. 

Inventory levels for different price points in Oakville, Milton and W13 (Mississauga-Lorne Park, Clarkson, Sheridan Homelands) are as follows:  ( in months of inventory) Stay turned for more updates coming soon. 

Months of Inventory

  • list price (000's)     Oakville           Milton                  W13
  • 200-399.9                 1.98              1.24                   1.43
  • 400-499.9                 1.99              1.41                   3.13
  • 500-749.9                 2.31              1.89                   2.65
  • 750-999.9                 4.65               12.0                  3.58
  • 1000-1999                8.86                n/a                   6.58
  • 2000-2999                12.3                n/a                   57.0
  • 3000+                      57.0                n/a                    n/a

Inventory levels  under 3 months is considered a "tight" market or  a "sellers" market.  Inventory levels of 3-6 months are considered "neutral".  Inventory levels above 6 months are considered a "buyers" market as consumers have many houses to choose from.  These levels are up slightly from the previous 3 month period.  The summer months should push these numbers out further (higher inventory).  Stay tuned!!

Posted: Thursday, August 19, 2010 8:29 PM by George Dlugosh


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