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Addendum to our inventory post.

A colleague mentioned to me that our 1-2mm bucket for inventory absorption analysis is too wide and I agree.  We will include new categories of:

   Oakville  Milton  Clarkson Lorne Park, Sheridan (old W13)

1.0mm-1.499mm 3.64 no report 2.57 months of inventory

1.50mm-1.999mm  8.43 no report 10.0   months of inventory


This makes a big difference depending on the price bucket you are negotiating.  Remember over 6months implies a buyers market and under 3 months implies a sellers market.  3-6 months is relatively neutrally balance.   If you need some more explanation please call me at 9053991576 direct.  

Posted: Friday, May 25, 2012 2:47 PM by George Dlugosh


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