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What you need to do before your Realtor holds an Open House at your home?

You have a for sale sign on your lawn and you want to give your home every change to sell. Make sure your home is in a clean state & in good repair - tidy up - pick up & hangup clothing, newspapers & mail should be tucked away, vac, sweep, use touch up paint & add fresh flowers & pleasant aromas to make it look & smell pretty.

Remove & store away all clutter - make room on shelves - less is more. @LDlugosh our interior decorator says "Clean & Simple" is the key. Pack away toys, old clothing, bedding & unnecessary furniture.  Front hall closet should be free to be used. Back door / mud room areas - store away out of season shoes/boots & deal with recycling. It's best to remove & safely storw away all valuable personal possessions. It is best to remove all framed family photos, de-personalize in every room - allowing the potential home buyer to envision their own personal items on your empty shelves & walls.

An Agent's Open House will be scheduled a few days prior to your Public Open House, allowing other Real Estate Agents to get a first peek at your home which should create a buzz of interest to show their existing clients.  AN ALL PAGE will be sent to all Agents in our Real Estate Company inviting them to attend.  We may offer cookies or coffee.  Distribute Open House invites to the neighbourhood - allowing them to tour your home a few hours earlier on the same day of the Public Open House. This takes the pressure off nosey neighbours dying to get in.

The Public Open House will be posted on all the local real estate boards: TREB, OMDRED, MLS, Realtor.com, - physical signs will direct traffic to the front door, TWITTER, FACEBOOK , published print ad, on-line classifieds.ca will all be scheduled to appear in giving everyone open house details.

When George & Marta do an Open House  to sell your home- they do it together! That means we both are present to ensure your home is well secured. We carefully monitor the # of groups we allow to enter your home. We ask for visitors to remove their shoes/boots at the front door, we ask that visitors leave their coffee outside or with us - instead of walking around with it, we always welcome each group into your home and provide them with a colourful printed feature sheet. We always give them a short verbal report highlighting price or a special home feature.  We allow the groups to wander off on their own, but we are always very aware where they are.
We always invite people to sign in with their name & phone # or with a feedback comment.

George and Marta specialize in real estate sales and purchases from Oakville, Mississauga to Milton and surrounding areas.

Posted: Tuesday, March 12, 2013 2:34 PM by George Dlugosh


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